'Cave Story 3D' Delayed, Moved To August 9th

Here's the good news: "Cave Story 3D" is still coming out for the 3DS. The bad news? It's coming out two months later than was previously thought. NIS America announced today that instead of the originally planned June 19 release date, we'll have to wait until August 9th. Is it just me or has this week been nothing but a steady stream of delays?

The original "Cave Story's" …er, story is rather unique. The game was originally released for the PC back in 2004, designed entirely by one man over the course of five years who simply had a passion for old-school "Castlevania" and "Metroid" games.

The game's plot of an amnesia-ridden character, who's name is later identified by female compatriot Curly Brace, must find their way though a floating island's cave system. Along the way, the platformer has you facing off against some weird rabbit-people, and even meeting up with a dude named Balrog (who is, sadly, not Balrog from "Street Fighter").

"Cave Story" was critically hailed as a remarkable indie game for a number of years, and eventually was re-released as a WiiWare title in 2010. The graphics received an update, but overall, the game was more or less the same. It's going to be interesting to see how the series, and its creator Pixel, will change as the franchise moves into a more commercial space like the 3DS.

Few other details were announced today, but you can check out the game's box cover art above. Which, apparently, is "not finalized."

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