Outkast Once Turned Down One Of The World's Biggest Stages

But Big Boi isn't mad about it.

You have to imagine most artists would do just about anything to perform at the Super Bowl. But Andre 3000 isn't most artists.

In fact, Outkast once turned down an offer to perform at the big game because of Three Stacks.

"We were supposed to perform at the Super Bowl," Big Boi told ESPN. "But we had two songs: ‘The Way You Move’ and ‘Hey Ya.’ Dre didn’t want to split the songs up. He didn’t want to cut the songs. He wanted to do both songs. So, they was like, ‘Y’all can’t do it.’ He wanted to perform both songs in full and they didn’t give us enough time to do it so we passed."

Big Boi, who wanted to perform at the event, was "in his ear a lot" about the whole thing, but apparently, that didn't help. Today, even Andre 3000's son thinks they should've done it.

"His son told him, ‘Daddy, you should’ve performed at the Super Bowl,'" Big added. "We look at it now and laugh, but hopefully they’ll invite us back."

Although they disagreed on that major decision, that doesn't mean there's any bad blood here. "He’s like my brother," Big explained. "I grew up with him. I slept on his bedroom floor when we were in high school when I moved to Atlanta. So, it’s bigger than music for us...We still have a close born to this day and our friendship is bigger than anything that we’ve done with music."

You hear that, NFL? There might still be a chance to get Outkast at the Super Bowl. Let's make this happen.