Skrillex Calls Deadmau5 A 'Sad Old Washed Up A—hole’ In Twitter Fight

Yikes, this is getting ugly.

Looks like Skrillex and Deadmau5 are still not on the best of terms.

Back in August, the two exchanged words after Deadmau5 criticized Skrillex's track ""Where Are U Now" with Diplo and Justin Bieber. Skrillex responded, calling his former friend an "a--hole" and saying how Deadmau5's record label suffers because of his negative attitude.

Fast forward three months, and it seems that Skrillex is still bothered by those comments because he went off on the EDM producer whom he, at one time, toured with. Skrillex was once signed to his label, mau5trap, but now has his own label, OWSLA.

Skrillex started off the rant by tweeting at Deadmau5 saying that he felt "sorry" for all of the artists signed to his label, and while he's great at finding talent, his "leadership skills are atrocious."

Skrillex, who tweeted that he would always be there for his former friend, said that is "grateful" for Deadmau5's early support, but the "reality is sad."

Deadmau5 responded a few hours later, defending his "sad label" and saying that he doesn't tell his artists what to do.

Shortly after, Deadmau5 asked if he could "go to bed now," which Skrillex said "yes good night you sad old washed up a--hole." Yikes.

Skrillex ended his Twitter rant by telling Deadmau5 that, at some point, he has to stand up for himself.

While Deadmau5 told a fan he felt "liberated" after the exchange and had no idea he was such a "threat" to his "ability to make pop music."

I have a feeling this Twitter beef is not going to end anytime soon.

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