Oregon Football Players Taunt FSU Quarterback With 'No Means No' Chant Following Rose Bowl Victory

Jameis Winston came face to face with allegations from his past after Thurday night's loss to Oregon.

Last night (January 1) Oregon played Florida State University in the Rose Bowl, the college football playoff annual semi-final game. FSU suffered a crushing loss in the game, losing to Oregon 59-20, but it was what happened after the game that drew national attention to the field.

Several Oregon football players were captured on video chanting "No means no" to the tune of a well-known FSU cheer. The phrase, which is frequently used to help raise awareness and support for sexual consent, is in reference to the allegations that FSU quarterback and 2013 Heisman Trophy Winner Jameis Winston has faced for the past two years.

Bear Heiser of Fox Sports West posted the brief video to Vine, which depicts running back Kadi Benoit, linebacker Torrodney Prevot and a third player (wearing the "WON NOT DONE" shirt) participate in the inflammatory taunt. The AP reached out to Heiser, who said he shot the video on the field while Oregon players celebrated their win, and shared a longer clip that depicts the chant beginning somewhere off camera.

Winston was accused of raping a woman in 2012, but after lengthy proceedings, he was never charged and was eventually cleared of everything— even any violations of Florida State's student code of conduct.

The reaction to the Oregon player's behavior was met with a sharp backlash as the clip was passed around on social media. Oregon coach Mark Helfrich said in a statement to the AP that players will face discipline for their inappropriate behavior.

"This is not what our program stands for, and the student-athletes will be disciplined internally," Helfrich said.

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