Watch Jason Segel And Cameron Diaz Do The Dirty In 'Sex Tape' Red Band Trailer

The couple get it on on tape, then have to get the tape back, in the upcoming comedy.

Dog attacks, super-thrusty sex and Rob Lowe blowing lines of cocaine: The new red band trailer for the upcoming comedy "Sex Tape," starring Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz, has all that and much, much more.

The raunchy premise of the movie -- married couple makes a three-hour sex tape ("The full 'Lincoln'!" as co-star Rob Corddry's character proclaims) to revive their spark -- isn't so typical of an activity, but the difficulty that gets Diaz and Segel into a tight spot (har har) is. To be more specific, technology screws the duo over.

We agree with Segel's character: Nobody understands the cloud. Instead of deleting the video of them doing the nasty, Segel accidentally uploads the file into the Cloud, syncing it to each of the numerous iPads the couple had given away as gifts. (No, giving away too many iPads as party favors isn't a problem we have either. But still: The Cloud, man.)

The two must then dash around and attempt to erase the video from each of the devices undetected, which proves to be a hard (heh) task.

Jake Kasdan, who previously worked with Segel and Diaz on 2011's "Bad Teacher," directs. "Sex Tape" hits theaters July 25.