Taylor Swift's Chinese Fashion Collection Is Full Of '1989' References

You and Tay can totally match now.

Taylor Swift just wrapped the Asian leg of her 1989 World Tour with a three-day stint in Shanghai, China, but she left the nation with a little something to remember her by: a Chinese clothing collection!

Heritage 66 has unveiled an authentic Taylor Swift merchandise collection that celebrates the "Shake It Off" singer with a line of fashions that (mostly) reference her latest lyrics and/or style.

Chances are, she won't be rocking out with these items at the 2016 MET Gala because they're pretty basic lounge-wear items, but still, for the Swiftie faithful, it's worth a peek.

The collection ranges from the obvious...

Heritage 666

Shake it Off Dress

Shoulders aren't just for brushing things off anymore, squad.

... To the extremely subtle.

Heritage 666

Taylor Swift black shirt

(Hint: Her name is down there by the hem in super tiny font.)

There are also a lot of legging-and-halter sets, like she's known to sport a lot lately.

Heritage 666

Taylor Swift Halter

And in the case of this lettering-centric shirtdress, she actually did wear it recently.

Heritage 666

Taylor Swift lettering shirt

Tay was spotted sporting her own threads -- which, if you look closely, include all the letters of her name -- at LAX late last week.

There are also those items that are punny little winks to her anti-haters/fakers/players/liars/etc. musical motto.

Heritage 666

Shake it Off shirt

Note: These are available in men's sizes too. Important.

And, well, there are also the kinda inexplicable items like this one.

Heritage 666

Taylor Swift boho dress

Tay doesn't wear this silhouette very often, so we *think* it's a nod to her boho London look from the tail end of summer? Maybe?

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