Happy Birthday, Kim Kardashian! Here Are 34 Times You Ruled Instagram

Kim's 34 today!

It's a big day for Kim Kardashian!

Not only is the reality starlet celebrating the one-year anniversary of her engagement to Kanye West -- oh you remember the day: he rented out a baseball stadium, got a 15-carat ring, etc -- but she's also celebrating her 34th birthday.

Since Kim is the queen of the selfie -- she's even releasing a book all about them -- we're taking a look back at some of our favorite Kim selfies (and belfies) and presenting you with the 34 times that Kim has totally ruled Instagram, selfies included.

1. Kim's Very First Instagram Pic

2. Sister Selfie

3. Tennis Pro

4. Blonde Ambition

5. On Pins And Needles... And More Needles

6. When Spray Tans Go Wrong

7. Sisters Channeling Their 'Single Ladies'

8. The Day Kimye Was Born

9. NBD, Just Chillin With Oprah

10. This

11. Baby Got Back

12. RIP, Mercy

13. Seeing Double

14. WHAT?!?

15. That Time She Got Kanye To Dress Up Like Batman

16. Pop Life

17. Getting Ready For Motherhood

18. Ohai, Will Smith!

19. Vampire Facial

20. Strike A Pose, There's Nothing To It, 'Vogue'

21. Adorable Throwback Pic

22. Pregnancy Ain't Easy


24. World, Meet Baby North

25. The Selfie To End All Selfies

26. Blinded By That Bling

27. Side Chicks Be Like...

28. Front Row Beauties

29. Wowza

30. Most Liked Photo...Of All Time

31. Partying With The Biebs

32. Wall Of Roses

33. Lovely Lady Lumps!

34. Kim's Mini Me