Hole Walks Out On Tour, Manson Injury Postpones Several Dates

Well, it was too good to last for too long.

Fans who caught any of the nine shows of the Marilyn Manson-Hole tour should consider themselves lucky, as Courtney Love has told MTV exclusively that Hole is quitting following yesterday's concert at the Great Western Forum in Los Angeles.

The bad blood had been brewing between Manson and Hole even prior to the tour's launch, with Love rumored to have taken issue with her depiction in Manson's biography, "The Long Hard Road Out of Hell."

Love and Manson had also exchanged increasingly bitter barbs and taunts during their respective sets, vitriol that fueled speculation of Hole's imminent departure from the tour late last week.

"I'm not Nostradamus, but I could tell you that I will make it to the end," Manson replied. "That's all I can assure you of because this tour is our big show and we want everyone to see it, so there's nothing (that's) gonna' stop me. That's all I can really say because I don't know what Hole thinks

or what Hole feels."

Manson also recently teed off on Love in an interview with the "San Francisco Examiner" in which he told the paper, "I asked myself what is the last band in the world I would ever, ever want to tour with, and it was Hole, beyond a doubt. But then I thought, I love a challenge, I like to surround myself with aggravation, it helps me perform better. And I thought, well, here's a chance to show Courtney the difference between being a celebrity and being a real rock star. We're just going to blow her off the stage -- my show will be the biggest and greatest rock show of the '90s."

He went on to tell "The Examiner," "She never talked to me until I sold a million records. Sometimes we talk and it seems OK, other times, she's just a bitch. I really don't like her too much."

Marilyn Manson's official website concurs with Love's declaration of freedom, and has posted the rather cryptic message that "HOLE [is] officially off tour." But there has not been a statement

released regarding who -- if anyone -- will replace Hole for the remainder of the tour, which had yet to complete one-quarter of its original itinerary.

In related news, Manson has had to postpone the next two dates of the contentious tour -- slated for San Diego on Tuesday and Las Vegas on Wednesday -- after suffering a hairline fracture to one of his ankles at last night's show in Los Angeles. No word yet on when those dates will be made-up, but we'll keep you posted.

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