Demi? Ariana? Don't Make Us Choose!

You decide the final EMA nominee for Best U.S. Act.

The 2014 MTV EMA are being really mean right now. They want you to vote to decide who among Demi Lovato, Ariana Grande, Trey Songz, Fifth Harmony and Austin Mahone will be nominated for an EMA. That's basically, like, asking you to pick a favorite unicode emoticon -- i.e., impossible.

Here's the deal: Our annual European awards ceremony -- which will hit Glasgow, Scotland, on Sunday, November 9 -- has announced four of the nominees for Best U.S. Act: Beyoncé, Katy Perry, Eminem and Pharrell Williams. I'm 99.9% sure Miley Cyrus won that category last year before taking home Best Video, but it's all such a haze...

Anyway, they've left the fifth and final nomination slot open for you to vote on by using the following hashtags on Twitter:

Demi Lovato #MTVEMA #NominateDemiLovato

Ariana Grande #MTVEMA #NominateArianaGrande

Trey Songz #MTVEMA #NominateTreySongz

Fifth Harmony #MTVEMA #NominateFifthHarmony

Austin Mahone #MTVEMA #NominateAustinMahone

So rude. I can't even. Who do they think they are? Thanks a lot, Europe.

If you think you can make this pretty much life-or-death decision, though, then go for it. (Voting closes this Sunday, September 14!) One thing's for certain: Demi won't be able to use her "I'm an American" platform this go around.