Which Watchmen Will We Be Watching If 'Watchmen' Comes To HBO?

Zack Snyder is in talks to bring the Watchmen to TV, so let's haul out the casting couch.

Six years after we first watched "Watchmen" on the big screen, Zack Snyder is getting a second shot at adapting the iconic comic, this time as a series on HBO.

According to Variety, Snyder is currently in talks with the premium cable network to bring "Watchmen" to television.

HBO won't confirm anything beyond the fact that a conversation is happening, but the mere possibility is enough to get fans super-excited about seeing these heroes onscreen again, this time in a medium that could conceivably bring in much, much more of the original source material that had to be cut for the feature film. (One word: Pirates.)

And that's not the only thing that would potentially change if "Watchmen" gets a TV reboot. Even though the cast from the film could technically come back -- it hasn't been that long, after all -- a fresh start for the Watchmen ought to mean some fresh faces in the six main roles. Below, we offer up a few suggestions.

Michael Shannon as The Comedian

Warner Bros.


After the way this guy trolled us with that Zod/flippers/porta-potty story last month, showing up to be murdered on a "Watchmen" series is the least he can do. You owe us, Shannon.

Jesse Williams as Ozymandias

Getty Images

jesse williams

Definitely here for Williams as the handsome, scheming, egomaniacal philanthropist.

Jamie Chung as Silk Spectre

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Chung demonstrated in "Sucker Punch" that she is fully capable of kicking ass in Zack Snyder's visually magnificent fantasy worlds; let's get her back for this one.

Casey Affleck as Rohrschach


Ben Affleck's little bro is the best at playing morally ambiguous characters with serious emotional issues; he'd be boss as the man in the inkblot mask.

Brandon Routh as Nite Owl

The CW


Much like Nite Owl, Routh is a bit of a grizzled veteran at the whole "superhero" thing -- and since Nite Owl is supposed to be a sort of Clark Kent parody, who better to play him than a former Superman?

Rodrigo Santoro as Dr. Manhattan

Los Angeles Premiere Of Warner Bros. Pictures

For one, Santoro is a favorite of Snyder's who's worked with the director on multiple movies. For two (as you can see above) he looks beautiful in blue. But third, and far most importantly, no other actor in Hollywood is better at standing above a crowd of terrified, worshipful mortals, waxed within an inch of his life, wearing nothing but a loincloth.