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No One Had A Better Birthday Message For Barack Obama Than Madison Pettis

Except maybe Cole Sprouse

President Barack Obama turned 55 on Thursday (August 4), and former Disney star Madison Pettis wins all the birthday awards for her message to the POTUS. For 34 episodes, Pettis played the first kid on Cory in the House, and she was definitely “America's Angel.” Knowing that, homegirl saw her shot and damn well took it.

Slow clap for you, Madison. However, another Disney star might have one-upped you on this. The Suite Life of Zack and Cody’s Cole Sprouse also celebrated his birthday on August 4, so he and President Obama are bonded through birthdays. Pettis’s July 22 birthday does nothing for her in this case.

Looks like Cole’s bro Dylan lost out to the POTUS, but it’s OK. Dylan celebrated his 24th birthday with girlfriend Dayna Frazer and their insanely cute puppy, so everybody wins.