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'Scream 4' Stars Were 'Paranoid' About Keeping Script Secret

'I had to read it at [director] Wes Craven's house,' Emma Roberts recalls of her first look.

With all the secretiveness surrounding the plot details of the "Scream" movies, it's natural to assume that the general public goes into the films with as little knowledge as the studio can prevent them from acquiring. (Even journalists are asked to refrain from reviewing or commenting on the film until it opens.) But what about the actors? How much are they privy to when they sign on?

MTV News recently caught up with the "Scream 4" cast to find out first, why we should believe their [article id="1661833"] characters are not the killer[/article] and second, how much of the script they get to read before they sign on.

"[I got] the middle bit, the middle section," Hayden Panettiere told us. "I was in Germany and [the filmmakers] had somebody fly to Germany, meet me at home to watch me read the middle part of the script, so there was no beginning, no end, subject to change," she explained. "There's just something very funny about somebody sitting there watching you read it to make sure you don't sneak pictures or go sending it anywhere. You feel like your life may be in jeopardy if, God forbid, anything got out."

"When I first read the script, I had to read it at [director] Wes Craven's house," Emma Roberts revealed. "So I couldn't even have it sent to my house. When we got our scripts on set, they all had our names on them and I remember I was getting out of my car to go to work one day and I dropped my script and, literally, the pages were everywhere and I was in this parking lot chasing after all of my pages and, of course, the last few pages were floating away from me," she recalled. "I grabbed them and brought them to my trailer, [thinking], 'OK, I don't know what to do with all this paper, I'm so nervous to be carrying this around.' "

Franchise veteran David Arquette wasn't able to pull rank for extra information either.

"I didn't receive a full script, no," Arquette said. "It's always been a whirlwind when these films get going. You never really know what's happening, what's going to happen, and also how it works in the films ... when I go see these movies, there's a lot of, 'Oh, they kept that? Wow, that worked. Oooh, scary.' "

Jokesters Adam Brody and Anthony Anderson, who play buddy cops Hoff and Perkins in the film, claimed that they still don't know anything about the film.

"I'm still getting pages now," Anderson said.

"I got the whole thing, and then they took it back and then gave me another one," Brody bragged. "For as secret as it was -- and I was really paranoid that I had it in my hotel room or backpack forever -- it says your name on it and I thought, 'I'm going to blow this whole thing,' so surprisingly they gave it to me and let me keep it and I didn't want it," he said.

"Honestly, I don't think they gave us the actual script," Anderson continued. "I think they gave us some type of story with our name on it, to scare us," he claimed. "Because every time I got to work, the lines that were in the script that I had studied the night before were not the lines we were doing that day at work."

"But the killer stayed the same," protested Brody.

"I have no idea who the killer is!" Anderson exclaimed. "I really don't."

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