The Reactions To Nicki Minaj's 'Bang Bang' Verse Are Even Better In French

'Le rap de Nicki qui est perf' did not get lost in translation.

Snippet after snippet finally led us to the premiere of Jessie J's single "Bang Bang" featuring Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande late on Monday night, and of course fans have plenty to say about it.

Normally, we'd stick to just sharing reviews in English (especially since our French isn't that good -- or, really, good at all), but it seems like the Barbz in France were still wide awake when the single dropped, because they had so much to say about Nicki's contribution to the track.

This isn't gonna be as tough as taking a French course, we promise. For example, just try guessing what "le rap de Nicki qui est perf" means. Not too tricky, right? Plus, it's never a bad time to brush up your language skills.

Here's what fans had to say about Nicki on "Bang Bang." Can you translate?

Okay, plus a few in English too: