9 Questions We Hope The 'Orphan Black' Finale Will Answer

We have SO MANY feelings about this.

So, the day all Clone Clubbers have been dreading is finally upon us: the second season finale of "Orphan Black." Ugh, sometimes being a fan of something is torturous and the worst.

On Saturday, the second season of the BBC America series will be treated to some sure to be cliffhanger-y action, resolution and with any luck some game-changing new information that leaves us all flooded with questions. But first, we've got a few other questions we hope some light gets shed on — and yes, they're super spoilery. (So if you aren't caught up, look away now!)

After all, we are just one of a few: so it would be in their best interest to look out for the sestrahood like no other — we make a family. And family always looks out for one another!

Will Cosima Live Or Die?

Her health has been in the balance all season long. It has been awful and torturous and the worst case scenario for arguably everyone's most favorite clone. We need to know the fate of our favorite geek monkey!

What's Ang's Endgame? And Will Art Get Unsuspended?

Listen: we're not sure if Ang really knows what she's gotten herself into or not here, investigating Alison and Sarah. It seems likely not, BUT that's probably a bit more dangerous for her than if she were — what we really want to know is: will she end up helping or hurting the clones and their cause? Particularly with Art's current suspension.

And Tony: What About Him?

Now, last we heard about the new clone on the block, he was on a bus to... somewhere. Where was that somewhere? And will he return this season? Does the DYAD know of his existence?

And, perhaps more for our own amusement: can we please introduce him to Alison? Because we think that'd be quite a moment for her. (One we'd really like to see.)

Are The Prolethean Kids OK? Is Henrik Really Dead?

After Helena burned the mother-effing house down (literally), the first question that popped into our heads was: oh my gosh are all those poor little Prolethean kids OK? Surely she let them go free, but...what happened to them next?! And for our own mental well-being we need to know if Henrik is really, truly dead or not.

Should We Be Scared Of Henrik's Wife?

We know she wasn't on the farm at the time of the fire (she was out west finding more "broodmares" for him to impregnate), and she's terribly mean in a takes-no-prisoners kind of way. The more we talk about it, actually, the more scared we are of her. Will she seek vengeance for what Helena's done?!

Who's Really Monitoring Cal?

Listen: It probably was NOT the DYAD that was monitoring Cal's laptop. They didn't really seem to know where he was. So who, exactly, was it that had tapped into his system? Was it the government? A conspiracy group? Paul?

Where The Heck Is Paul?!

Speaking of which: where the heck is he?! We need to know, you guys. We need to know!

What, Exactly, Are The Ghosts' Deals?

Since we're sure that the army ghosts are going to play a huge, huge part in next season's storyline, we need to know at least a little bit about the who/what/where/when/why/how of this shadow-y group. In fact, our money's on them in terms of the who's-monitoring-Cal deal.

Why Did Rachel Really Steal Kira?

So, we all know that at the end of last week's episode, Rachel went all psycho-mommy on us, stealing Kira from the hospital in a seriously impressive Rachel-as-Sarah clone-swap. Does she just want to play mommy? Is there more to be gained here (other than the science, obviously)? We're scared, we're terrified!

What do you think? Have any other questions you want answered in the finale? Leave 'em in the comments!

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