Watch Joey Bada$$ March With Other New Yorkers In Support Of Baltimore

The Brooklyn rapper was in the thick of things.

Protests have swept Baltimore over the past few days, following the death of 25-year-old Freddie Gray, and on Wednesday night, hundreds of New Yorkers stepped up to show solidarity by marching through the streets.

The march began in Union Square, and eventually spread to Times Square, Houston Street, and the West Side Highway. Among the marchers was Brooklyn rapper Joey BadA$$, who was accompanied by XXL's editor in chief, Vanessa Satten.

Satten captured footage of Joey leading chants in the crowd, and even staging a sit-in at a major New York City intersection on West Houston Street and Broadway Avenue. Protestors also temporarily blocked off the entrance to the Holland Tunnel.

In one clip we can see Joey debating Baltimore's current curfew (10p.m. to 5 a.m.) and explaining his confusion about reporters being out with their cameras despite the street ban.

At one point we can also see him walking at the front of the march.

And later sitting on Houston street surrounded by other protestors.

Things get heated later, when Joey compares the cops to a deadly gang, and at some point police officers seem to clash with crowd. Over the course of the protests, over 100 people were arrested.