Jessica Simpson Crossing Her Fingers For Some Good Ol' Boys

Singer hopes to start shooting 'Hazzard' flick after tour wraps.

PASADENA, California -- It's so close she can almost hear the General Lee's trademark "Dixie" horn.

"The Daisy Duke role is getting closer and closer," Jessica Simpson said backstage at the recent Wango Tango On-Air festival (see [article id="1487059"]"William Hung Overshadows Backstreet Reunion, All-Star Lineup At Wango Tango"[/article]). "You never know what's gonna happen, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that after the tour I will go straight into being Miss Daisy."

Simpson, who wraps up her summer tour August 1 (see [article id="1486875"]"Jessica Simpson Heats Up With Summer Tour"[/article]), has been in the running to play Bo and Luke Duke's cousin since she met with producers of the movie adaptation earlier this year (see [article id="1485551"]"Jessica, Britney May 'Duke' It Out Over Short Shorts"[/article]). If the deal goes through (Simpson's management said a formal offer has yet to go out), "The Dukes of Hazzard" will be her big-screen debut.

The singer was attached to the baseball drama "Walk On," according to her manager father, Joe Simpson (see [article id="1484357"]"Nick Lachey Likely To Start Kissing Jessica Simpson's Tummy More"[/article]), but Jessica said that's no longer the case.

Meanwhile, Simpson's latest small-screen endeavor remains up in the air. Although her mother said the singer's ABC pilot (see [article id="1486012"]"Starring Jessica Simpson As ... Jessica Sampson"[/article]) would be a midseason replacement, The New York Times recently quoted unnamed sources who said the show was killed because of a lackluster supporting cast and other elements. An ABC spokesperson did not return calls for comment.

Jessica's music career, on the other hand, is looking more concrete than ever, with her biggest tour yet under way and a second single from her expanded re-release of In This Skin due in the coming weeks.

"I'm gonna release another song called 'Angels,' which I'm very excited about," Simpson said. "It's originally done by Robbie Williams, who is an amazing artist. And it was huge in Europe, but it never really broke over here in America, so I'm thrilled to see what it could do."

Simpson is performing "Angels" on her tour, which on most stops features a question-and-answer session with fans during the show.

"This is definitely a big tour for me," she said. "I'm a little nervous. It's like you're a little shaky about will I sell tickets to such a big market? ... But it's cool to put together such a huge production. And we're calling it the Reality Tour, from the show ['Newlyweds']. And there'll be all kinds of stuff showing never-seen clips and just kind of putting my personality into the tour, which will be a lot of fun."

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