Yes, There's Really A McDonald's-Themed Metal Band Called Mac Sabbath

Grimace the menace.

Oh my god you guys, and here we just thought The Pizza Underground was it: there is a McDonald's-themed Black Sabbath cover band called Mac Sabbath and it is very, very real.

This is not a drill. Be it exchanging Black Sabbath's "Paranoid" for a "Pair-a-buns" or "Iron Man" for a "Frying Pan," these food-focused musical dweebs are cooking up something hot 'n' ready just for you.

According to their Facebook page, "Ronald insists that they have traveled here through a very delicate part of the time space continuum and that this will damage society as we know it."

And the band has everyone your nightmares could ever want: Ronald Osbourne the frontman, a be-tusked Mayor McCheese, a seriously strung-out looking Grimace on bass, and The Hamburglar beating the crap out of that drum kit. Because not all of McDonald's seriously creepy characters want to simply live their lives as such — they've got passions, man. And dreams. Big ol' musical ones.

Okay so, who's ready for the Pizza Underground/Mac Sabbath co-headlining tour, eh?