Cam'ron Reveals Why He Took Shots At Kanye West

'We good now,' the Diplomats MC tells 'RapFix Live' of patching things up with Yeezy.

Not long after the [article id="1656366"]Diplomats reunited[/article] and started working together again last year, it seemed like Cam'ron and Jim Jones were up to their old tricks again as they released a freestyle over Kanye West's "Runway" production.

In an online clip of the rowdy pair in the studio, Cam'ron takes a couple of shots at 'Ye before he lays his verse. A couple of months later, though, in a puzzling move, West recruited Cam and Capo for his [article id="1654546"]"Christmas in Harlem"[/article] track. According to Cam, however, there had only been a minor disagreement between the two in the first place. And that rift has since been patched up.

"The reason I took a shot at Kanye, he needed something done for his album [a couple of years ago, and] when he needed it, I sent it back to him in about an hour," Cam told MTV News during his appearance with Dipset on "RapFix Live" on Thursday. The Harlem MC was referring to the song "Gone" from West's 2007 LP, Late Registration.

"I needed something for my record and he was in Honolulu; he has to do this, he has to do that," Cam recalled. "And I'm one of those people, I do a favor for a favor. When you need it, I got it back to you. When I needed something, you couldn't get back to me?"

Eventually matters were settled with help from Don C., a Yeezy insider who has a longstanding relationship with Cam'ron. Now, with their differences mended, the Diplomats frontman suggested they could work together again soon -- possibly for the [article id="1638342"]Harlem collective's reunion project[/article].

"We good now," Cam said.

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