Lil Scrappy's Got Guests 'In The Bank' With Lil Jon, Young Buck On New Singles

Atlanta MC reveals details about 50 Cent-produced 'Bred 2 Die Born 2 Live' LP.

It's no wonder Lil Scrappy is boasting all about his "Money in the Bank" on his new single: The newly anointed Prince of Crunk has inked a unique joint deal with G-Unit and Lil Jon's BME Recordings, and is benefiting from all the confidence that comes along with such a big-time signing.

"My album's about Scrappy -- he back," the Atlanta MC said. "I'm just insinuating that I'm the best, baby, and I'm gonna rock the nation this time."

The video for "Money in the Bank" features lots of cash -- being spent, passed around and flying through the air -- shots of a tricked-out Lamborghini and an appearance by Young Buck, one of the many guests on Scrappy's first full-length LP, Bred 2 Die Born 2 Live, which is due this fall. Executive produced by Lil Jon and 50 Cent (see [article id="1513302"]"50 Cent Expected to Exec Produce Lil Scrappy Album"[/article]), the album also features appearances by Lil Jon, Snoop, Olivia, Bohagon and Beanie Sigel, with production from Jazze Pha.

Scrappy recently shot a video for his next single, "Gangsta Gangsta," featuring Lil Jon. Like his "Training Day"-inspired video for "No Problem" (in which Lil Jon took on Denzel Washington's role, Scrappy portrayed Ethan Hawke's character and Snoop Dogg played a guy who gets his wheelchair overturned and his flask stolen), Scrappy said he shot the clip like it was an action movie. "But this time we're gonna do it on something that I wrote," he said. "We're flippin' over cars, we're jumpin' through windows, we're doin' everything."

Scrappy also revealed that there's a message behind "Gangsta Gangsta" that fits with the album: "You don't got to be hard to be a gangsta," he said. "You just got to be real."