Here's How Taran Killam Got 'Stuck In The Suburbs' Again

Yep, 'More Than Me' just got stuck in our heads again.

A quick timeline ...

July 16, 2004: Disney Channel released its summer DCOM, "Stuck in the Suburbs," starring Danielle Panabaker, Brenda Song and future "SNL" member Taran Killam. The hit TV movie revolved around two girls (Panabaker and Song) who accidentally stole pop star Jordan Cahill's (Killam) phone, and then forced him to visit their suburban town and sing for them. The movie actually had its own accompanied soundtrack, which included songs by Jesse McCartney and "That's So Raven" star Anneliese Van Der Pol.

October 30, 2015: Jordan Cahill Taran Killam returned to part of the movie's set, inadvertently making everyone swoon all over again — while simultaneously feeling very old.

Here's Jordan Cahill then:


Stuck in the Suburbs

And here he is now:

"11 years later, Jordan Cahill returns to the location for the "Make A Wish" vid shoot. CC @dpanabaker @brendasong @toddstashwick @ryanbelleville," captioned Killam.

In case you need a refresher as to the significance of this photo, that's where long-haired Cahill filmed his music video for "Make a Wish."



Before he was all like, "UGH, no. I'm not feeling this, this isn't me. Kthxbye," and then goes off to muse about how record companies are controlling his life.

So, wait a sec. That means it's been 11 years since this magical person graced our TVs?


Stuck in the Suburbs

And 11 years since we saw dramtic bb Taran?


Stuck in the Suburbs

And even 11 years since this song first got stuck in our heads?!

Co-star Panabaker was thrilled about Cahill's return to his roots.

Awesome. Wish we were all there! https://t.co/07CZGT2qoQ

— Danielle Panabaker (@dpanabaker) October 30, 2015

No word from Song yet, but she hasn't been feeling well lately, so we'll give her a pass.

And in case you forgot, there was a mini "Stuck in the Suburbs" reunion last year, because duh.

"Stuck in the Suburbs reunion. #sdcc #sits," captioned Killam. Let's get a reunion for THIS year, too!

Jordan Cahill will forever be bae. ?


Stuck in the Suburbs

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