Khloe Kardashian Is Getting Heat For This Native American Headdress Photo

Khloe's both scolded and defended in comments

It looks like Khloe Kardashian didn't see our "Here's Why You Shouldn't Wear A Native American Headdress" story, because if she did, she might not be getting heat on Instagram for posting a photo of herself wearing one.

The photo, which she captioned "Ray Of Clouds. Chirping of birds. Gurgling of water. Granted desire. One with water. #kidchella my first Coachella!!!," has inspired some scolding comments on Instagram.

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ei8hty2z wrote, "Appalled & feel so disrespected and I CAN say this because I'm a full blooded Native American! You're only making yourself look like a fool! Smh......delete your photo. Everything we do and have and live as people has SO MUCH more meaning to it than what it may seem."

fern_monster had a one-word response to the photo: "Problematic."

Meanwhile, others defended Khloe. "Y'all need to chill out. Find something else better to do than criticize a celebrity. She's not wearing it to offend any culture." wrote maryybee.

Kylie Jenner also shared a photo with Khloe in the headdress, although there have not been comments about its inappropriateness thus far:

Khloe's certainly not the first celeb to make the faux pas; Pharrell garnered backlash for his Elle UK cover and No Doubt pulled their "Looking Hot" video for its insensitivity to Native American culture.

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