Wiz Khalifa’s ‘Closer’ Remix Puts The ‘Smoke’ In Chainsmokers

‘Hi-i-i-gh, can’t stop’

Just when you thought the “Closer” hype was dying down, Wiz Khalifa has dropped a remix of The Chainsmokers's hit that's heavy on the "smoke."

Wiz raps about his favorite pastime on the 420-friendly remix, boasting about his newly launched line of strains, Khalifa Kush. "Been smoking so long, I got my own strain / Roll up a joint and take it to the brain / Say you getting high, well now you're speaking my language," he spits, replacing Halsey's solo verse.

He keeps the original song's hook intact, but twists some of the lyrics, like so: "Take a joint to the face and we both go far / Getting hi-i-i-gh, can’t stop / Let’s get hi-i-i-gh, can’t stop."

Wiz originally debuted his "Closer" remix in concert earlier this month, but with the recorded version now on SoundCloud, it's just more proof that 2016's Song of the Summer will never die.

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