Try To Keep 'Calm:' 5 Seconds Of Summer Have A New Album On The Horizon

They've also shared a new track, 'No Shame'

5 Seconds of Summer's new album comes out on March 27 – let's get that out of the way. Its title is hilarious because it's set to be called Calm. How can anyone be "calm" knowing that another release from 5SOS is right around the corner?

With just a little more than a month away, it's time to kick those excitement senses into full effect. Open all the circuit boards and crank up those gasping knobs. And to make fans even less calm, the group has released a new single from the LP, "No Shame." Can today get any better?

"No Shame," which shares the name with the fall tour that they announced last month, is easygoing, poolside fun. This sunny treat may sound like a celebration, but its lyrics are anything but. It serves as a commentary on how eager we, as a society, are to get a response from others – often to our own detriment. "Digging my grave to get a reaction / Changing my face and calling it fashion / Got no shame," lead vocalist Luke Hemmings sings sweetly on the chorus. Likes are worth money today, literally.

The song ends with the idea that no matter how big of a reaction a person gets, they still get spit out and replaced at the end of the day when the next biggest thing gets discovered. It's a harsh cycle that repeats in the age of going viral at the snap of a finger. Who knows if it'll change but, until then, we have 5SOS's new treat to sing that'll hopefully wake us up to how dark it all is.

5SOS's forthcoming LP, Calm, will also feature "Teeth," Easier," and another new song, "Red Desert," that the band debuted in Los Angeles last month. They've released a one-minute trailer that gives fans a minute to check out everything to expect.

Listen to 5SOS's "No Shame" up above.