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Taylor Swift + Skrillex = Selena Gomez's Next Album

Gomez says her BFF and the 'Spring Breakers' composer have influenced upcoming project.

NEW YORK -- Selena Gomez took a page out of best friend Taylor Swift's songbook Saturday night at a UNICEF benefit concert by performing her hit "I Knew You Were Trouble" in front of the intimate crowd.

And Swift's inspiration doesn't stop there: MTV News caught up with Gomez before her performance, and she revealed that Taylor has influenced her [article id="1688709"]upcoming "tell-all" album[/article].

"Taylor inspires me -- not even in music, just in everything that she does," Gomez said. "She's such an incredible person."

In addition to her BFF, Gomez is also getting ideas from a genre of music she's new to: EDM.

"Skrillex was a big inspiration because he did the score of [article id="1700334"]'Spring Breakers,'[/article] so being a part of that and meeting him and watching 'Spring Breakers' a thousand times through festivals and stuff, you kinda get hooked on it," said Gomez, who promised to [article id="1700523"]share her "side of the stories"[/article] on the upcoming album. "So I was like, 'I should kind of add a little bit of that in there.' "

Unfortunately, Gomez -- who is releasing her first single in March -- and Skrillex didn't have time to collaborate on her album because "he was doing his own thing." [article id="1688750"]Skrillex composed original songs[/article] for Gomez's flick "Spring Breakers" and hinted on Twitter that his upcoming work is a "very different style of production."

In addition to performing "I Knew You Were Trouble," Gomez also did an acoustic version of Justin Timberlake's "Cry Me a River," an apparent message to ex Justin Bieber, who covered the track on his Believe Tour last November.

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