Hear The 2Pac Interview Used By Kendrick Lamar On 'To Pimp A Butterfly'

So this was the inspiration behind 'Mortal Man.'

When Kendrick Lamar sat down to craft To Pimp A Butterfly’s closing track, “Mortal Man," the Compton MC decided to include portions of a 2Pac interview.

The song ends up sounding like an interview between an inquisitive K. Dot and a wise mentor in ‘Pac. But of course, the interview never really took place, despite what we all may want to believe. So, where did those ‘Pac quotes come from?

According to Miss Info, the ‘Pac interview was actually conducted by a Swedish radio station, P3, in November 1994. It was uploaded in a series of YouTube videos in 2010. Clips can be heard below.

The original Q&A is also notable because it was reportedly recorded two weeks before 2Pac was shot in Quad Studios. The rapper claimed this was a set-up by Biggie and the incident became part of their storied feud, though B.I.G. and those close to him denied ever setting 'Pac up.

After its surprise release Monday morning (March 16), Kendrick’s To Pimp A Butterfly was actually released 20 years and 2 days after 2Pac dropped Me Against The World.

This gives us another great reason to listen to "Mortal Man." Check out how Kendrick used this interview here.

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