Foxy Brown Makes Peace Offering To Lil' Kim

'Let's Just End It,' rapper says of feud, believed to have fueled February 25 shooting.

In the wake of the shooting that took place outside the offices of New York hip-hop radio station Hot 97 on February 25, Foxy Brown wants to bury the hatchet with rap rival Lil' Kim.

"I really don't know how it started," Brown told MTV News on Monday (March 5) of the feud, which is believed to have fueled the shooting incident. "But Russell [Simmons] and I, we got together, and I said, 'Russell, I want to call a truce.'

"I want to have a sit-down with Kim," she continued. "I don't care what it is. Let's just end it. We can even do a collaboration. We're bigger than this. If it has to start with me, let it start with me."

Brown claimed that Simmons (chairman of her label, Def Jam/Def Soul) extended an olive branch to Lil' Kim's camp, who "weren't responsive."

Calls to Lil' Kim's manager were not returned as of press time.

The bad blood between the two MCs, according to Brown, goes back to when she was the target of a Sean "Puffy" Combs jab on Lil' Cease's "Play Around" that referred to Brown's style as being similar to Lil' Kim's. Kim perpetuated the verbal assault on her 1999 album, The Notorious K.I.M., declaring Brown "ain't a star, and [her] record company know that."

The latest lyrical assault — the one that has police detectives looking into a possible motivation for the Hot 97 shooting — is Brown's barb on Capone-N-Noreaga's "Bang Bang," released last year, calling Kim's album "weak" and "lame" and claiming, "my name still reign."

On the afternoon of February 25, as Lil' Kim and her entourage were exiting WQHT's studios after finishing an on-air interview, they encountered Capone and his crew, who were entering the building, according to police. An argument erupted, which ended in more than 20 shots being fired from five different weapons and one man suffering a gunshot wound in the back (see [article id="1441199"]"Police Looking For Second Getaway Car In Lil' Kim/Capone Shooting"[/article]).

Detectives are still investigating the case and no arrests have been made, according to a police spokesperson.

In November, Noreaga explained his group's part in the Foxy/Kim rift, saying, "Fox and Kim had beef, whether we was gonna do 'Bang Bang' or not. Fox would have been on someone else's record spittin' the same thing. So what I'm sayin' is we ain't got no beef, we just representin'. ... Let the females cat fight, and whatever happens, happens. ... But if she needs us to be in her corner to make sure ain't nobody gonna jump in, we'll definitely be there" (see [article id="1441041"]"Lil' Kim Present At Hot 97 Shootout, Police Say"[/article]).

Despite the verbal volleying, Brown said on Monday that she never paid much mind to the rivalry with Kim. "It didn't bother me, 'cause I was OK with myself," she explained. "I didn't have to ridicule anybody to feel better about myself. ... It's not important to me. I don't worry about what Kim does. I set the tone for what Foxy does."

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