Kristen Stewart Shows Off Her Real-Life 'Wolf Pack'

'They're really sweet. I cook for them when they're hungry,' Stewart says of her pet wolf hybrids on 'Late Show With David Letterman.'

Kristen Stewart visited the "Late Show With David Letterman" on Monday night to promote the latest [article id="1642364"]"Twilight"[/article] film, "Eclipse," opening Wednesday, and the conversation quickly turned to Stewart's real-life wolf pack. You see, the actress actually owns wolf hybrids.

While Letterman held up a photo of her pet wolf, Stewart explained, "This is my pet. This is Jack. He's our oldest male. I know he looks kind of scary. He's a wolf. He's really sweet."

When asked where she got the wolf, Stewart replied, "[We got him] from Florida, actually. ... They told us [he's a wolf]. The dark ones are apparently European. They're wolf dogs. They're hybrids."

If you're wondering how Stewart got the idea to have wolves in her home, it has nothing to do with "Twilight." "It's my mom's deal. Maybe it's a bit of empty-nest syndrome and she needed to raise more children, because they really are hard to take care of. She's awesome. She's just a little funny," the actress explained.

When a photo of Stewart cuddling with one of her wolves was shown, she added, "See, they're really sweet. I cook for them when they're hungry," adding that it is legal to own wolf hybrids in the U.S.

But the talk wasn't all about Stewart's wolves. Letterman asked about her "mixed" relationship with a vampire in the form of Robert Pattinson. "That's very prejudiced Dave," she joked. She then pointed out that the relationship won't be "mixed" for much longer. In "Breaking Dawn," she'll become a vampire.

"Well, I'm not spoiling it for anybody, Dave. I'm gonna make the transformation," she said. When Dave asked who might "sponsor" that transformation, she joked, "I haven't thought about that. Maybe 'True Blood' will sponsor us."

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