Power Naps Will Make You A Better Student, Science Says

New study shows why nap time shouldn't just be for preschoolers.

Next time you get called out for falling asleep in class, point out that science told you it'll make you a better student. A new study from scientists at Germany's Saarland University found that a 45-minute power nap "can boost a persons’ memory five-fold," according to The Independent.


Even better, the study was conducted on students, which means the results can directly apply to the cramming life. The findings, which were published in the journal Neurobiology of Learning and Memory, observed two groups of students memorizing various words and word pairs. One group was allowed to nap, the other watched a video during the downtime. After getting tested on the new words, the group that napped outperformed the other group.

"A short nap at the office or in school is enough to significantly improve learning success," Professor Axel Mecklinger, who supervised the study, concluded. "Even a short sleep lasting 45 to 60 minutes produces a five-fold improvement in information retrieval from memory."


So next time you're studying or hammering out some report in your office, and you feel your head sinking to the desk, just let it happen. Catch those z's and unleash your full brain power. Getting your superiors to believe your excuse, well you're on your own for that.

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