Wiz Khalifa Announces He's Signing To Atlantic Records On 'RapFix Live'

Pittsburgh MC admits Rick Ross' own label offer was 'a huge honor' and opens up about Twitter, tattoos and more on our live stream sit-down.

[artist id="2427571"]Wiz Khalifa[/artist] was voted by fans as MTV's [article id="1644448"]"Hottest Breakthrough MC of 2010"[/article] and he opened up to his Taylor Gang following during the "RapFive Live" broadcast on Friday (July 30). The Pittsburgh MC addressed everything from his relationship with Rick Ross to his new major-label deal to living at home with moms.

Sporting a gray-and-white tank and showing hometown love in a Pittsburgh Kings cap, the MC kicked off the live stream by accepting the actual trophy for his "Hottest Breakthrough" win and shouted out his fans saying, "Y'all did this." Khalifa then broke down the Taylor Gang movement and urged other rising rappers to utilize social media to build a hard-core fanbase. Wiz even gave some social media tips to Twitter newbie Kanye West.

"Just totally be yourself, 'Ye. Don't hold nothin' back," Khalifa said. "Be careful but just be a character. Have fun -- people love that."

Khalifa fielded questions via Twitter and video uploads throughout the show and broke down his favorite ink to one fan: a wrist tattoo in the shape of a stamp imprinted with the words "self made" which he said represents how he built his career from humble beginnings.

"There's neighborhoods that look like third-world countries," Khalifa said of growing up in Pittsburgh. "We didn't have a lot but my mom made sure that we didn't worry about all that stuff. We was rich in love and I had my music and everything that I wanted. Of course, we didn't have food in the house, we had to make stuff out of other things. I had two pairs of pants to wear to school. To me, it was bigger than that and I think that's where I'm at now, because I took those times and I made the best out of it."

Even though he's selling out tours, turning heads in the industry and cultivating a rabid fanbase, the MC revealed that he lives with his mother in his hometown in a spot the rapper dubs "The Bakery."

"That's where the goods are stashed," Khalifa smiled. "You come through and smell the aroma from down the street."

The MC also revealed that he doesn't hide his weed use from his mother, who has apparently influenced the Kush-toking star in several ways.

"She knows about the bakery and she's a master chef herself," Khalifa grinned. "I had to get my recipes from somewhere." However, Wiz insisted he picked up his habit on his own. "She never forced baking on me," Khalifa said.

His penchant for marijuana is a major theme in his music but the artist quickly squashed any notions that he would pick up and move just to have legal access to his favored herb. "I love the fact that kush is legal in Cali but if I move out there it won't just be to [smoke] weed," Khalifa said. "It'll be for work and business and that'll be a perk."

Work has been on the uptick since the MC struck out on his own in 2009 after a deal with Warner Bros. failed to result in a major-label release. The rapper described a nonstop hustle that includes everything from grinding in the studio to editing his YouTube videos. To his dedicated Taylor Gang, Khalifa has been owning the indie hip-hop scene and the lyricist said he has witnessed amped-up fans jump out of cars, tail him across town and even kiss his hand. But Wiz admitted that he's surprised by all of the attention.

"If I go to a show ...I'm just expecting it to be a couple hundred. Then they're like, 'It's sold out. There's people passed out in the street crying with their knees bleeding because they can't get in. I'm like, 'What?' " Khalifa said. "There's ambulances at every one of my shows before I get there. For what, I don't know."

In a move that probably frustrated many of his female followers, Khalifa sidestepped a fan question about his romantic life.

"As far as ladies, go, I keep my options open. I keep my business to myself, though, so if ... I was with someone nobody would know," Khalifa said. "For me, as young as I am, I gotta stay single. I gotta stay focused, I gotta stay working. I gotta look available because chicks like you to look available."

Wiz was much more forthcoming about his favorite rappers and called out Rick Ross and frequent collaborator Curren$y as artists he's really into. Khalifa also talked about how he first hooked up with Curren$y.

"I hit him on MySpace ... I'm like, 'Yo, I see what you doing, let's link up.' It was when I was working on Flight School I think ... and he was working on This Ain't No Mixtape," Khalifa said. "With me and Spitta, it was like, he had his brain and I had my brain. With the Jets, he had his thing, and I got my thing with the Taylors so it was like, 'Let's combine or at least just do a song and see how people like it.' I flew down to New Orleans and we ended up being the same dude, smoking and rapping about the same stuff."

On the subject of possibly inking a deal with his other favorite rapper and fellow [article id="1644366"]"RapFix Live" alum[/article], Rick Ross, the P-Town MC was flattered that the Miami Bawse had considered bringing him into the Maybach Music fold.

"It's a huge honor for him to even extend a hand like that," Wiz said after seeing a video of Ross asking what it would take for Khalifa to sign to his label. "Even if it ain't no paperwork between me and Ross, it's gonna be work done between me and Ross."

Khalifa did have news about his record label home and confirmed that he is signing a deal with Atlantic Records. "I wanted to make sure that I had records that I was comfortable with before I went to any label or any situation."

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