You'll Be Seeing A Lot More Of Roc Nation's Brazilian Pop Artist, Claudia Leitte

She'll be bringing new music to your playlists in no time.

Claudia Leitte is Brazil's not-so-best-kept secret. Born in Rio de Janeiro, this Brazilian pop diva has been recognized quite a bit for her talents and will soon be making her voyage to American radio airwaves because, get this, Claudia has signed onto Roc Nation as of 2014 and, reportedly, is currently working on her English album debut. While I can only hope that her international breakthrough comes quickly, it's only right that in the meantime I give you a formal introduction to the potential pop hit-maker.

You may remember her from the 2014 World Cup:

Pitbull reached out to Claudia about joining him for the Official World Cup Song collab and, of course, she obliged.

She shows love to the Brazilian national soccer team.

Meet Neymar, Brazilian soccer player extraordinaire.

She's on "The Voice Brasil"

You can catch her outfits from the show on her IG page. It's worth a peek!

Even Big Sean has dealt with this Brazilian pop goddess.

He is signed under Roc Nation too.

She works hard for that body.

Dancing on stage requires a lot of stamina.

She's a Zumba goddess

Who could possibly be a better teacher?

She wisely stocks her refrigerator.

Kit Kats are, naturally, a must.

She also lived through the early 2000s.

This is very Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century.

Her fans are die-hard!

Now, that's a crowd.

Did I mention her fans are die-hard?

I didn't think anyone could surpass Taylor Swift...ever.

She's a mother to two adorable, little boys.


Her and her husband are #relationshipgoals.

The beautiful couple met while in school at the age of 12 and later found each other randomly sitting at a restaurant. Aw, le amour.

Of course, Jennifer Lopez has love for Claudia.

Duh, she's wonderful.

She's an Ed Sheeran Fan.

But who isn't?

Her stage costumes are amazing.

She wears facial masks like the rest of us.

One of her newest duets with Brazilian heartthrob, Luan Santana, is fire.

She's great live!

She's a spokesperson for Guaraná Antarctica, a super delicious soda from Brazil

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