Ryan Reynolds Shared A Sneak Peek Of Deadpool Hanging Out At The X-Mansion

Chillin’ at X-Men HQ like it’s NBD

Ryan Reynolds is working on the hotly anticipated sequel to Deadpool, and he's throwing fans a couple of bones via Instagram that show the raunchy Marvel maverick taking a breather in a familiar, beloved place that's bred some of your favorite superheroes.

The X-Mansion — home to Charles Xavier's Institute for Higher Learning, and X-Men HQ — is a gorgeous backdrop for a very chill portrait of Deadpool, who, if we're going on this pic, will be swinging through the sprawling digs in the follow-up to 2016's R-rated smash. (And watching out for some, uh, "lawn bombs" from Beast while he's at it. Ew.)

Reynolds has been teasing Deadpool updates throughout 2017, most notably in a short that ran before screenings of Logan in March that featured a clumsy quick-change in a phone booth and some prominently displayed butt cheeks, as well as an excited post showing off Josh Brolin's insane muscles once he was confirmed to be taking on the role of Cable.

If you're dying for Deadpool updates and you haven't followed Reynolds yet on social media, what are you even doing?! This is where we're getting these tiny hints about the forthcoming flick, so it's a safe bet that Reynolds's Instagram is the platform to watch for Deadpool news in the future.

Keep 'em coming, Reynolds. June 1, 2018 can't get here soon enough.