LL Cool J, Jamie Foxx Exchange Blows On Set Of Oliver Stone Football Flick

Apparently, LL Cool J and Jamie Foxx got a little too caught up in their roles on the set of Oliver Stone's football flick "Any Given Sunday.

The two actors, who play athletes in the film, exchanged blows on February 27 at Miami's Pro Player Stadium while filming a scene that got a little out of hand.

According to the Miami-Dade Police, LL started pushing Foxx, his rival in the movie, and then punched him in the face while wearing a helmet. LL and Foxx agreed that the next time the rapper was going to hit the comedian, he would warn him first. However, Foxx told police that after the incident, he was struck by LL's arm in the back of the head while walking away. As he turned around, Foxx struck the 6'2'' rapper in the face.

LL Cool J told police that during the taping, he pushed Foxx to make the scene more believable since they were acting, though it wasn't scripted. Minor injuries occurred to both their faces, however both refused treatment.

Spokespersons for

the Dade County Court and the state Attorneys General said that no charges have been filed thus far.

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