#FiveSeasonsAndAMarvelMovie: The Cast Of 'Community' Should Be In 'Doctor Strange'

From Greendale, to Greenwich Village.

With the news that director Scott Derrickson will be helming Marvel's upcoming "Doctor Strange," comes the immediate follow-up question: who's his star? While the Internet was interested in Jared Leto today, I think there's a far more obvious choice, one who has worked with Derrickson before.

No, not Ethan Hawke from "Sinister." And not his "Deliver Us From Evil" star Eric Bana, mainly because he played the original Hulk before Edward Norton and Mark Ruffalo.

I'm thinking Joel McHale.

Community - Season 3

McHale is one of the leads in "Deliver Us From Evil," and from his work on "Community" perfectly encapsulates the arrogance, humor and sweet sappy center necessary to portray Marvel's a-hole doctor turned sorcerer supreme.

But why stop there? With NBC's "Community" officially dead (that is, until it gets picked up by Hulu), why not bring on the rest of the cast of the sitcom to flesh out Derrickson's "Strange?" Hey, we can call it #FiveSeasonsAndAMarvelMovie:

Jim Rash As Wong

Community - Season 3

Rash has what it takes to portray Strange's beleaguered man-servant Wong, a character who sticks by Strange no matter what. Also, they're both bald.

Gillian Jacons as Clea


Clea is Strange's on-again, off-again romantic partner. She's strong-willed, and often gets Strange entangled in insane, universe bending adventures. Sounds like Britta and Jeff to me! (And yes, so far I'm basing this all on that one episode where they're magicians, but bear with me).

Chevy Chase as The Ancient One


Strange's trainer The Ancient One has some weird ways about him, often driving Strange crazy; but ultimately, he's the father figure he never had, whether he likes it or not.

John Oliver as Mordo


A fellow student of the Ancient One, Mordo is always jealous of Strange, even though he's more powerful -- something that's often his undoing!

Donald Glover and Danny Pudi as Luke Cage and Iron Fist


Yes, I know the characters are lined up for Netflix, but how better to introduce them than in a big budget "Doctor Strange" movie? [NOTE: We can explain Pudi previously appearing in "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" as a different character, because twins.]

Ken Jeong as the Dread Dormammu

Senor Chang

Who better to take on the villain role than Senor Chang himself?

Star-Burns as Master Pandemonium



...And Yvette Nicole-Brown and Alison Brie

I haven't figured out as what yet. Give me time.

What do you think? Want the entire cast of "Community" in Marvel's "Doctor Strange?"

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