Yikes…You’ll Never Guess How Many Tinder Users Aren’t Actually Single

Swipe with caution, people... there are a lot of cheaters out there.

Oh, Tinder. As if it wasn’t bad enough that the hookup — sorry, dating — app seems to be overrun by creepy people, a depressing new study has found a startling number of users aren’t even single.

According to research conducted by Global Web Index, a whopping 42 percent of Tinder users are already in a relationship. But wait, it gets worse — of that 42 percent, 12 percent say they’re “in a relationship” and 30 percent are actually MARRIED. Eek.



Basically, this study proves not everyone on Tinder is being completely forthright about their intentions. It’d be easy, then, to label it as an app for cheaters, but it’s also fair to say that some people use Tinder as a boredom reliever or as a social “game” rather than as a traditional dating app. Surely there’s someone you know (maybe it’s even you!) who merely opens the app to mindlessly swipe through people when they have nothing else to do.

Still, this is pretty devastating news for all the single people who are actually using Tinder to look for legitimate human connections. And it’s even worse for the spouses of Tinder users who might not know their S.O. is chatting up strangers behind their back. Side note: I’d also like to point out that putting your name and photo on an easily accessible app where people you know could potentially see you might not be the smartest way to cheat on someone. Just sayin’, it’s not very stealth.



Anyway, this research doesn’t come without its own controversy. In a statement released today (May 8), Tinder disputed the findings, saying it’s a “totally inaccurate depiction of Tinder’s user base” because it doesn’t have access to “real data on our millions of users worldwide.”

For their part, Global Web Index is standing by its findings, saying the survey is the “largest on-going study into the digital consumers — it’s not guesswork.” They continued, “Tinder’s assertion that our methodology is severely and fundamentally flawed is simply not correct. We only publish statistically robust numbers, and self-reported survey data is widely recognized as an effective way of understanding consumer behavior.”

In any case, just make sure you’re taking what you see on Tinder with a grain of salt, and keep swiping with caution.

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