33 Times 'Gossip Girl' Ruined A Great Party

XOXO, Gossip Girl.

We love a good party. Beautiful dresses, fancy appetizers we probably can't pronounce, dessert bars, awesome music -- we love it all! But when it comes to hosting, no one knows how to throw a party quite like the characters of "Gossip Girl."

Throughout six seasons of the CW teen soap, this fictional pack of privileged Manhattanites attended some of the most exclusive soirées in New York City -- and they ruined all of them. Even the simplest of charity galas turned into major drama for Serena van der Woodsen and her friends. Life on the Upper East Side never seemed so glamorous and downright terrifying at the same time.

Here are 33 perfectly good parties that Blair Waldorf and Co. ruined with their pretty faces and deliciously petty drama:

The Kiss on the Lips Party

The CW

Kiss on the Lips Party

The one where Chuck assaults Jenny.

The Ivy League Mixer

The CW

Blair Waldorf

The one where Blair accidentally outs the truth about Eric to Dan and Jenny.

Blair's Sleepover

The CW


The one where Jenny is initiated into the world of Constance Billard's Queen Bee.

The First Masquerade Ball

The CW

Jenny at the Masquerade Ball

The one where Dan chooses Serena over Vanessa.

Blair's Birthday

The CW

Blair Waldorf Birthday

The one where Blair regrets losing her virginity to Chuck and has the worst birthday ever.

The Debutante Ball

The CW

The Debutante Ball on '

The one where Nate pulls a Ryan Atwood and beats up Serena's date, Carter.

Constance Billard Pool Party

The CW

Serena at the Pool Party

The one where a boy almost dies.

Jenny's 15th Birthday Party

The CW

Jenny from '

The one where Little J steals the red dress and Blair throws her an awful surprise birthday party.

Asher and Jenny's Party

The CW

Little J Gif

The one where Asher is outed and Jenny is dethroned as a member of the in-crowd.

Lily and Bart's Wedding

The CW

Lily and Bart Bass

The one where Serena and Dan break up.

The White Stag Party

The CW

Chuck Bass on '

The one where Serena kisses Nate.

Blair's Welcome Back Party

The CW

Nate on '

The one where Blair discovers Nate is having an affair with Marcus' stepmother.

Blair's Blackout Party

The CW

Blair and Chuck Hook Up

The one where there's a blackout in New York City and Blair hooks up with Chuck.

The Eleanor Waldorf Fashion Show

The CW

Blair Sabotages Everything

The one where Blair sabotages her mother's fashion show.

The Dean of Yale's Party

The CW

Blair vs. Serena

The one where Serena and Blair sabotage each other's chances of getting into Yale.

Lily and Bart's Housewarming Party

The CW

Chuck on '

The one where Chuck tries to seduce Vanessa.

Jenny's Guerilla Fashion Show

The CW

Nate and Jenny Kiss

The one where Nate kisses Jenny and breaks Vanessa's heart.

Blair's 18th Birthday Party

The CW

Blair and Serena in Bonfire of the Vanity

The one where Dan writes an expose on Bart Bass for Vanity Fair, and Chuck is not happy about it.

The Snowflake Ball

The one where Nate chooses Vanessa over Jenny, and Bart gets into an accident.

Jenny's 16th Birthday Party

The CW

Jenny Flips Her Hair on '

The one where Chuck and Vanessa become friends with benefits, and Blair and Nate start dating.


The CW

Blair is Prom Queen

The one where Chuck and Serena sabotage Blair and Nate's prom.

Polo Lunch

The CW

Nate on '

The one where Nate brings Bree to the charity polo match -- scandalous!

Blair's NYU Sushi and Saketini Party

The CW

Blair at NYU

The one where Blair realizes she's the "weird girl who threw the fish party."

The Speakeasy Party

The CW

Chuck and Blair

The one where Blair ruins Chuck's opening night.

The Thanksgiving Dinner

The CW

Serena is Awkward

The one where things get really awkward for Serena.

Rufus and Lily’s Wedding

The CW

Rufus and Lily on '

The one where Georgina tries to break up Rufus and Lily on their wedding day.

The Saints and Sinners Party

The CW

Blair and Chuck at the Saints and Sinners Party

The one where Serena has to choose between Dan and Nate.

The Bar Mitzvah

The one where Chuck and Blair crash a random boy's Bar Mitzvah.

Nate's Valentine’s Day Party

The CW

Dan and Blair

The one where Georgina crashes the party and stirs up trouble.

Blair’s Bachelorette Party

The CW


The one where Blair gets arrested.

The Divorce Party

The CW

Sad Blair Gif

The one where Blair's diary entries are posted online by Gossip Girl.

The Monstrous Ball

The CW

Dan and Serena

The one where a video of Serena and Dan hooking up plays on the big screen.

Chuck and Blair's Wedding

The CW

Chuck and Blair'

The one where Dan Humphrey was revealed to be Gossip Girl (ugh), and everything was ruined.

See? "Gossip Girl" proved that pretty people have the ugliest drama. Xoxo -- Gossip Girl.

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