Alicia Keys’ New Song Will Make You Want To Carpe F--king Diem

'28 Thousand Days' is the new YOLO anthem you need in your life.

“Live everyday like it’s your last” is an oft repeated mantra that’s by no means original. But leave it to Alicia Keys to put her own fresh, funky spin on the sentiment with a brand new song that’ll make you want to carpe f—king diem.

It’s been three years since Keys released her last album, Girl on Fire, and she’s finally given us a taste of her new music with the track “28 Thousand Days,” which features bass-heavy production, blaring trumpets, inspiring lyrics, and her signature pounding piano.

Yesterday (July 30), Keys tweeted a short clip in which she explains the title of the song, saying the inspiration for it came from an article that said the average human life is 76 years, or 28,000 days.

Keys also used “28 Thousand Days” as the motivation for penning a poetic tribute to her husband, producer/rapper Swizz Beatz, on Instagram for their fifth wedding anniversary.

“My dearest, love of my life — The day we saw sunflowers drawn with chalk on the NYC park concrete we knew something special was happening. Something about that day, spoke to forever… If life is a movie you're the only one I want to share the scene with, If love is a dream, you're the only one I want to dream with, If life is a game, you're the one I want to be on the team with!! There's no part of my #28000days, I want to live with out you...Happy 5th anniversary my King!!!!” she captioned the photo, basically giving us the epitome of #RelationshipGoals.

Keys also whetted our appetites for her upcoming sixth studio album, assuring fans “this is just the beginning” of what she has in store.

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