Morissette's "Uninvited" Websites Shut Down, No Tours On The Books

The Recording Industry Association of Amercia (R.I.A.A.) has pulled the plug on several websites featuring the new Alanis Morissette single, "Uninvited." The song, from the soundtrack to "City of Angels," isn't due for release until March 31, but was leaked to radio on March 6. "Newsbytes," a computer industry news service, reports that fast-working fans in L.A., hearing the song on KROQ, taped the track and uploaded it onto their websites.

Several sites were involved, says "Newsbytes," including ones based in Los Angeles, London, England and Mexico City. The unauthorized material has now been removed, and in several cases, the whole site has been shut down. The action is part of a recent campaign by the R.I.A.A. to curb unauthorized reproductions of recordings on the Internet.

Meanwhile, Morissette spokesperson Amanda Cagan reports that Morissette is only halfway through the writing phase of her next record and will be in no position to tour this summer or fall as

reported by "Performance" magazine via Morissette's agent. Cagan says that Glen Ballard, who produced "Jagged Little Pill," is scheduled for production duties on the new album. Cagan also confirms that Morissette has been working with producer Rob Cavallo, but says their pairing was just for the sessions involving the soundtrack single.

Morissette has also reportedly contributed vocals to the new Trent Reznor/Nine Inch Nails album due out this fall according to the April issue of "Spin," and she also appears on a new Ringo Starr CD alongside Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler. They perform a rock version of Dobie Gray's "Drift Away," as well as a song called "Minefield.

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