Nina Dobrev's Halloween Costumes, Ranked By Fierceness

Of course there's a little Gucci dress involved.

Nina Dobrev spiced up her life with her latest Halloween costume -- and we totally approve of this iconic '90s look.

Dobrev, 26, recently attended Matthew Morrison's annual Halloween masquerade ball dressed as Posh Spice, and now we're totally convinced she's a Victoria Beckham doppelgänger. The former "Vampire Diaries" star nailed the look with Posh's signature angular bob, a pair of to-die-for statement shades and yes, a little Gucci dress. (Or was she wearing the other little Gucci dress?)

Of course, her costume wasn't complete without the rest of her Spice Squad, which included another former Mystic Falls resident, Kayla Ewell (Vicki Donovan), as Ginger Spice. Now that's what we call girl power!

But it's not like this was Dobrev's first time at the rodeo. When it comes to Halloween costumes, Dobrev has a pretty stellar record. Who could forget the time she schooled the entire "TVD" cast as Hermione Granger? Even Harry and Ron knew it was magical. So let's take a look back at some of her best costumes of Halloweens past, ranked by fierceness:

Cowboy Jason?

We're not quite sure what aesthetic Dobrev was going for here, but it feels like an eclectic mix of genres.

Willy Wonka

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Nina Dobrev

Back in 2009, Dobrev's Halloween game wasn't quite as strong as it is now, as evidenced by this odd interpretation of Willy Wonka. On one hand, we L-O-V-E this jacket and top hat combination, but on the other hand, we wish she would have committed a bit more. Where is your bow tie, girl?! At least she scores bonus points for the candy necklace around her top hat.

Selena Gomez

OK, so it's never been officially confirmed that Dobrev was the SelGo to Paul Wesley's Bieber, but it's heavily implied in the body language. Anyway, it's cute -- but way too easy. Next.

"House Of Cards"

Get it? Like the show! Our girl loves a good pun, so we're happy to see that transcends to her Halloween style. We're not sure who's outfit is more fierce: Dobrev's "House of Cards" or Candice King's Yellow Brick Road. Slay, ladies.

Captain Canada

Remember that time Dobrev became a superhero with a shield made of glitter and threw shade at Captain America? Yeah, it was magical. "Captain America my ASS," she captioned the action-packed pic. "Its all about CAPTAIN CANADA. Killing the villains with Kindness."

Posh Spice

Group costumes aren't easy, but when they're done right, they can be pretty epic. Case in point: Dobrev's Posh Spice costume. Not only does each girl in the squad nail each individual Spice's swagger, but Dobrev also fully committed to becoming Victoria Beckham. We can only hope her new beau Austin Stowell came prepared as David Beckham.

Hermione Granger


Nina Dobrev

Because Dobrev, like Hermione, is a #GIRLBOSS who gets s--t done.

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