A Guy's Picture Of His Sleeping Girlfriend Is What Love Is All About

We can already hear wedding bells.

Normally taking a picture of your sleeping girlfriend is just asking for trouble. But in the case of Imgur user chickenismurder, love conquered this rule and resulted in the most touching post ever.

On Sunday, Jan. 10, he posted a photo of his unnamed partner, who was peacefully passed out in a pile of books. His caption goes on to explain how proud he is of the student and mother of two, who has overcome so much in her life. (She won't be his girlfriend for much longer, since they went shopping for wedding rings the day the picture was snapped.)

"This is how I found her tonight. I'm so proud of this woman I could burst," he wrote. Read the emotional post below, in which he asks people to send him their love stories too. Let the swoonfest begin!