‘Happy Sad Confused’: Don’t Invite Anna Kendrick To Any More Weddings

Plus: Stephen Dorff talks westerns and living down ‘Blade’

At this point, Anna Kendrick is close to achieving full-time cohosting status on “Happy Sad Confused.” She visits Josh this week for a record fourth time, this time bringing a friend along in filmmaker Jeffrey Blitz. Kendrick and Blitz first teamed up for the Sundance hit Rocket Science a decade ago. They reminisce with Josh about how that film jump-started each of their careers and talk about why it took them so long to reteam. Their new film, Table 19, opens this week — think of it as The Breakfast Club set at a wedding and starring the likes of Lisa Kudrow, Craig Robinson, Stephen Merchant, and June Squibb.

Speaking of weddings, Kendrick reveals why she hates getting invited to them and why her dream wedding is at City Hall. This visit also came in the middle of her shooting Pitch Perfect 3, which the star reveals is still searching for a finale song. Any suggestions?

Also joining the podcast this week is Stephen Dorff, making a bold left turn in his career with his country-western movie and album Wheeler (now available on-demand). Dorff talks about being known as that “e-cig guy,” living down Blade almost 20 years later, and why his new film is more Borat than Crazy Heart.

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