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Witnesses To Tupac Shooting Come Forward

The two men say they were in the vehicle behind the one Shakur was riding in when he was killed.

A former member of Tupac Shakur's backup band and Shakur's

bodyguard say that although they told Las Vegas police that they observed the

shooting of Shakur, and know what the men who were in the car from which the

shots were fired look like, they have never been asked to view photos of

possible suspects in the case, the Los Angeles Times reports.


two men--Malcolm Greenridge (who performed using the stage name E.D.I. Mean)

and Frank Alexander, Shakur's bodyguard--say they were interviewed by police

after the shooting. They told the Times they were in the car directly

behind the one Shakur was in when he was shot.

Alexander says he saw the

face of the killer; Greenridge said he saw all four men who were in the


Their comments are at odds with statements made by Las Vegas

police, who claim that the investigation has been hampered by a lack of

cooperative witnesses. Las Vegas police disputed the men's account of what they

told police the night of the murder. They told the Times that the

accounts could lead to a breakthrough in the case.