Paris Hilton Pleads Guilty In Las Vegas Cocaine Case

Socialite's plea deal allows her to avoid jail.

Whether or not it was her purse or her cocaine, [article id="1648188"]Paris Hilton pleaded guilty[/article] to two misdemeanors on Monday morning (September 20) in Las Vegas in connection with her arrest last month on drug possession charges.

According to TMZ, Hilton pleaded guilty to drug possession and obstructing an officer in a deal that will save her from serving a one-year term in jail. In return, she has to pay $2,000 in fines, complete 200 hours of community service and complete what is being described as an "intensive" substance abuse program.

The site reported that the judge gave Hilton a one-year suspended sentence in the case, which means that if she is arrested for anything besides a minor traffic violation in Vegas in the next year, she will have to serve the full one-year term. Hilton will also be on probation for one year.

In a tweak to the Hilton family's business legend, the judge warned the party-loving globe-trotter, "The Clark Country Detention Center is not the Waldorf Astoria."

Hilton was arrested on August 27 in Las Vegas after the SUV she was riding in was pulled over and police found 0.8 grams of cocaine in her purse. [article id="1646757"]Hilton later claimed the purse[/article] didn't belong to her and [article id="1647017"]blasted rumors[/article] surrounding her case.

"Ms. Hilton understands the seriousness of the situation and appreciates the chance she is being given," the socialite's lawyer David Chesnoff told The Associated Press over the weekend. "She has to stay out of trouble."

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