This Guy Rapped His Whole Order At McDonald's And Got Lil Wayne's Attention

That's one way to place an order.

An aspiring rapper got Lil Wayne's attention thanks to a video that's going viral.

The hopeful MC, who goes by Hi-Rez, released a clip of himself walking into a McDonald's and placing his order. But instead of ordering like you or I would, he rapped the whole thing out.

“Let me get two Big Macs, two apple pies / a little bit of Sprite and side of fries,” he rhymed in the clip which was published May 3 on his YouTube page. "Let me get a McDouble, let me get a McChicken / Hot sauce, make sure that sh-t kickin’.”

From there, Hi-Rez rapidly listed off menu items ranging from a latte to a McFlurry to “everything on the Dollar Menu and a burger with jalapeños.” When he finished the rhyme, he asked, “Did you get all that?”

If the cashier didn’t get that order down, we can’t blame him. That was a little too fast, but entertaining enough to get a round of applause from other patrons at the fast food joint and impressive enough to get Lil Wayne’s attention.

We're not sure if Weezy actually liked the rhyme or just wanted to share a fun clip. Either way, Hi-Rez got the attention of one of the top MCs in the game. But, what did you think of the MC? Let us know in the comments.

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