Should Justin Bieber's 'Stache Stay Or Go? You Decide!

Singer leaves the decision in your hands.

Justin Bieber's 'stache is a bit of a polarizing figure. Some love it, like Twitter user @Maria_Vargasx1, who says "that sh-- is sexayyy." Others, like Bieber's mom Pattie Mallette, despise the thing.

The "Boyfriend" singer is well aware of this fact, which is why he's leaving it to his Beliebers to decide: Should it stay or should it go?

He posed the question on his Twitter, linking to a photo on his Shots account of him and his upper lip hair. The feedback, so far, has been a resounding "SHAVE IT" from Beliebers everywhere. But judging from his latest Instagrams, he has yet to say goodbye to it -- so speak now!

Then again, last year we talked extensively about the stache with Bieber's "Believe" documentary director Jon Chu, and he hinted that even if everyone hates it, he still might just keep it around for kicks.

“It said everything about our movie that we didn’t have to say out loud,” Chu said of what he called the "dirty stache." “It said, ‘He can grow a ‘stache now, he will, and even if you ask him not to, he will continue to grow it. He is still that rebellious troublemaker, he’s still charming as hell.”

What do you think: Should he shave the stache or let it grow?

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