David Byrne Drops Suit Against Heads

Seems they really don't get along.

That lawsuit that ex-Talking Heads' leader/writer/singer

David Byrne filed against his former band mates--keyboardist Jerry Harrison,

bassist Tina Weymouth and drummer Chris Frantz--has been dropped, according to

the L.A. Times. Byrne had wanted to stop the group from using the name

"Heads." According to Byrne's attorney, Byrne agreed to let the name be used in

exchange for some concessions on the part of the others regarding previously

disputed Talking Heads business. For example, from now on Byrne will oversee

all Talking Heads reissues and anthologies. Meanwhile, this clears the way for

the Oct. 8 release of the Heads' album, No Talking Just Head, which

finds the trio backing a variety of guest vocalists including Deborah Harry,

Richard Hell and INXS singer Michael Hutchence. For what it's worth, in the

Oct. 17 issue of Rolling Stone the album gets a paltry two stars.

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