Kim Kardashian Shows Kanye West Love With A Little Help From Andre 3000

An OutKast line explains it all.

Kim Kardashian has shown her love for Kanye West in many ways.

We've seen her relay the story of how she pursued him. She even once purchased her hubby a Lamborghini. Her latest way of showing affection? Well, that included a classic Andre 3000 quote.

This lovely image's caption - "Foreva eva" - is a nod to OutKast's "Ms. Jackson."

The legendary duo dropped that track fifteen years ago as part of their 2000 album Stankonia. On the song, 3 Stacks ponders if he and his girl could last that long.

Kim's shared more than a few images with Kanye this year. Here's a look at some of those precious moments from Kim K's IG page.

Here's a smooch for ya.

The couple that smiles together...

Can't forget about North!

Sparks were flying on the 4th of July.

They also had fun at Glastonbury.

Yep - Fun even when Ye tries not to smile.

Could you feel the affection?

The fam also enjoyed time in Jerusalem.

Kim also surprised Ye for his b-day.

And they even posed together with the Laker girls.

Kim, we love these pictures. Now we also hope you keep bringing those classic rap lines in your captions!

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