9 Times Rihanna Brought Her Wine Glass With Her, Because So What, Who Cares

I love Ri-ri like Ri-Ri loves wine.

Rihanna is currently on the European leg of her Anti tour, and I saw photographs of her celebrating a day off in Prague, frolicking with her best friend.

Rihanna after the concert in Prague

This candid photo felt like déjà vu.

Rihanna seen attending Comme des Garcons fashion show

No, I’m not talking about this picture from 2014 Paris Fashion Week, where she wore Hyein Seo to the Comme des Garçons fashion show.

I am referencing this picture of her carrying a glass of wine out of Giorgio Baldi (her fav restaurant). I realized: "holy shit, she does this all the time."

Celebrity Sightings In New York City - July 18, 2015

Does she even ask permission?

Rihanna seen at dinner at Geoffrey's Malibu.

What does she do with the glass when she's done?

Rihanna carries a wine glass out of her NYC apartment before Roc Nation Boxing Match

She does it every season, even winter!

Even after fancy galas, she really doesn't care.

This is a look and the glass is her accessory. Notice it matches her dress and lipstick.

Speed bumps on the road, she ain't dropping that shit tho!

Even in other countries. This was in the UK.

I love Ri-Ri like Ri-Ri loves wine.