'X-Men': Who Are The New Mutants In 'Days Of Future Past' Trailer?

Four new mutants make brief appearances in the preview, so MTV News rounds up what you need to know about them.

As if the "X-Men: Days of Future Past" trailer didn't have enough mutants to show off, combining the rosters from the original series and "First Class," four new mutants from the apocalyptic future make brief appearances. (And we haven't even seen Evan Peters as Quicksilver yet.)

Who are these futuristic, "Road Warrior"-esque mutants? Bishop, Warpath, Blink and Sunspot all have stories in the comic books, so ahead of the sequel release, here's a quick rundown on who these new faces are.


Actor: Omar Sy ("The Intouchables")

Abilities: Bishop is able to absorb different forms of energy and redirect the blasts.

Bio: The character first appeared in the early 1990s, as a part of the X-Men universe's growing interest in the future. Bishop grows up in a future where the famous team of mutant heroes has been wiped out, relegated to stories from the past. Later in life, he travels back in time, hunting a fugitive, but ends up staying and joining the team.


Actor: Booboo Stewart ("The Twilight Saga")

Abilities: He's sort of a "mutant of all trades." He can fly, possesses super-strength and is mostly safe from physical harm. Also, he's got super senses.

Bio: Like many heroes in the Marvel universe, Warpath got his start as an antagonist to the X-Men. Of course, once he finds out that the team didn't kill his brother, Warpath becomes a member of the team and eventually X-Force, a group that is getting its own movie soon.


Actor: Fan Bingbing (Chinese cut of "Iron Man 3")

Abilities: Blink can teleport herself and others at will through pink portals that make a "blink" sound.

Bio: Clarice "Blink" Ferguson didn't last too long in the pages of "Uncanny X-Men" before dying. Her teleportation powers also have the ability to slice people sent through her portals to bits. Unfortunately, Blink sacrifices herself to free other mutants that are being held captive by an alien force, but this being the Marvel universe, she was later brought back to life.


Actor: Adan Canto ("The Following")

Abilities: Similar to Bishop, Sunspot can absorb and redirector solar energy.

Bio: Once a promising soccer star, Roberto da Costa discovered his powers while being attacked by racist opponents on the field. Immediately afterward, he is targeted by an anti-mutant group that kills his supportive girlfriend. After that tragedy, he enlists with the New Mutants, the X-Men's younger branch.