BTS Sing And Dance Their Way Into Jimmy Fallon's Heart (But He Only Has Eyes For Jimin)

Chimmy Fallon gets an education in Bangtan, from finger hearts to fanchants, on 'The Tonight Show'

America is finally starting to realize what millions of fans around the globe already know: It's easy to fall in love with BTS. Just ask Jimmy Fallon. (Or is it Chimmy Fallon?)

The South Korean artists are making the most of their time in New York. With two sold-out shows this weekend at Newark's Prudential Center — and their historic Citi Field concert on the horizon — the global superstars have made time for select engagements. Following their appearance at the UN earlier in the week, where leader RM delivered an inspiring speech about identity, the septet stopped by The Tonight Show on Tuesday night (September 25), and it didn't take the seasoned late-night host very long to become enamored with BTS and their fans.

Throughout the taping, Fallon received a crash course in Bangtan from fans eager to share. From fanchants and ARMY Bombs to BT21 and finger hearts, the effusive host was receptive to all of it, even borrowing a fan's Chimmy (member Jimin's BT21 character) headband — and her friend's ARMY Bomb ring — for the interview segment. The move caught Jimin so off guard, he fell to his knees in laughter. Within minutes Chimmy Fallon started to trend on Twitter.

And the internet's favorite new bromance was born. (Jimin's "Hey Jimmy! I'm Jimin!" introduction is one of the cutest things ever, and that's a fact.)

It's one thing to invite BTS fans into Studio 6B — many of whom waited overnight, outside in the rain, for a chance of getting standby tickets — and it's another to actually listen to them, to respect them, and to value them for their insight and expertise. It's no surprise that the fans' enthusiasm and Fallon's willingness to learn were a winning combination.

When asked about their recent visit to the UN and message behind "speak yourself," RM explained that the phrase is "about speaking for yourself instead of letting other people speak for you." Meanwhile, V spoke of his affinity for New York City street hotdogs and rapper Suga reiterated his desire to be invited to the Grammys.

In addition to the interview, Fallon also surprised fans with a "Fortnite Dance Challenge" video featuring all seven members — RM, J-Hope, Suga, Jimin, Jin, Jungkook, and V — mimicking some iconic dance moves from the game, including the Electric Shuffle, Best Mates, and The Worm, and teaching Fallon a bit of "Idol" choreography.

By the time BTS finally took to the stage to perform their hit single "Idol," a deafening chorus of voices chanting "you can't stop me lovin' myself" reverberated around the studio. The energy was electric, prompting Roots drummer and Tonight Show house band leader Questlove to tweet, "I never knew an act in entertainment could still command that kinda frenzy in today's climate."

But that's the thing about BTS. Despite all of that frenzy and their growing visibility in the U.S. and around the globe, they're still just seven guys from Korea who enjoy making music together — and who happen to be particularly skilled at it. "We want to stay humble and enjoy the ride," RM said.

They may be the biggest boy band in the world, but that doesn't stop them from having fun — and apparently from doing the shoot dance at every conceivable opportunity — and thanks to Fallon, the world finally got to see Bangtan as their fans do: endlessly lovable.