There's A Reason Samuel L. Jackson Has A Favorite Curse Word, And It's Motherf--king Heartwarming

He's a mothaf--king champion.

On "Inside The Actor's Studio," James Lipton always asks his fantastically talented guests the same question: what is their favorite curse word? Well, Samuel L. Jackson's definitely got one, and you definitely already know what it is.


If you've ever heard Jackson speak candidly in an uncensored setting for more than, oh, say, three seconds -- in a movie, on the red carpet, running into him unexpectedly on the street, wherever -- then you've definitely heard him utter this iconic word. It's basically become his trademark, especially on his Twitter account where he's come up with hundreds of alternate spellings and uses. Every one of them is a gift.

But there's another reason Jackson likes this word so much, and it's not because Quentin Tarantino -- it's because it helped him get over a speech impediment.

The "Hateful Eight" star explained on the "Howard Stern Show" this morning that when he "stuttered really badly for a long time" and was mercifully bullied for it as a child, "to the point where I stopped speaking for almost a year in school."

He still has the stutter today a little and never recieved formal training to correct it, instead choosing to read up and learn helpful breathing exercises on his own. Saying the word "mothaf--ka" is another little trick that allows him to cope -- and he doesn't know why. "I have no idea [why], but it just does. It clicks a switch that stops the d-d-d-d-d-d or b-b-b-b-b."

See, Grandma? Sometimes cursing can be downright inspirational. Isn't that mothaf--kin' beautiful?

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